Take a look at our prices

Unlike many designers, our prices include unlimited revisions. That means no extra fees after the umpteenth round of changes and no nasty surprises. The price below is the price you pay, and we keep working until you're over the moon. It's as simple as that.

E-book £150

Print £200

  • Professional, bespoke book cover design
  • Upload-ready E-book cover
  • 3D images for your own marketing purposes
  • Includes everything in the E-book package!
  • Full cover design, to include front, back and spine
  • High-resolution print-ready cover
  • Barcode generated from your ISBN

1. Talk to us!

Get in touch and tell us you'd like a super, new book cover design and we'll let you know when our next available slot is. If you're happy, and you agree to our Terms and Conditions, then you'll pay a 50% deposit to secure our services.

2. Tell us everything

Then it's time to tell us all about your book. We'd also like to hear about any ideas you have regarding the cover design. As soon as we have all the information we need, we'll get to work creating your perfect book cover. Exciting stuff!

3. Working together

Expect lots of emails! We'll be in contact every step of the way, sending you progress reports and getting your opinion about what we've done so far. Your satisfaction is our priority, and your lovely new cover is only complete when you say it is.

How it works